Frequently Asked Questions

If you enrolled to a certain class it will be available for a lifetime access. You can browse it anytime and anywhere. 

The video is not downloadable but we provided a downloadable pdf file for the Module so you can save it and print it to access the recipe even without an internet connection.

We will add you to a facebook private group once you are enrolled in a certain class so you will be connected with us 24/7 to ask questions directly to the instructors and share your thoughts & finished products with us. 

GCash – This is manual mode of payment for enrollment. Once you send the payment thru GCash, you need to email us the screenshot of proof of payment via email ( so we can validate the payment and add you to the class.

Paypal – For most of the international student and credit card users, Paypal is the most convenient mode of payment for you.

Ipay88 – For debit and credit card user you can pay via Ipay88, also it accepts 7/11 payment and remittances payment for smooth and faster transactions. 

Ready to learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace.